Dec 202012
buid your own dry cell

Diy Dry Cell Kit

Before moving on with the building of this site, we thought it should be pointed out what the difference between a diy dry cell kit and a complete hho dry cell kit ready for install is.

Testing our posting ability ( Dry Cell Kit )

Maybe when reading other material floating around out there you heard differently but on this site when we refer to diy dry cell kit we’re referring to a kit that is Un – assembled parts, when put together – You have a Dry Cell type hho generator.

Dec 172012

We welcome you to what will eventually be the Best Dry Cell Kit site out there.

Having worked with Global hho dry cell manufacturers for over 4 years now we think it is about time to clear the air in the dry cell kit arena. May piss a few people off in the process but that’s alright. Way too many hho scammers out there selling junk hho systems. These junk drycell kits are putting doubt in peoples minds as to whither hho is a viable solution or not.

Best dry cell for kits

21 Plate Dry Cell

We will lead you to the most reliable sources for a hho dry cell kit that will do as described. Give us a little time to get this site assembled, and check out our sources.

Dont give up on HHO it does work if installed correctly.